NA N3 CS/IKS server & client support is here


rqcs, card server by raton_craquero.

26/12/2008 v1.00
- First public release.

- Supports ROM102 and ROM24X.

- Currently, only Newcamd protocol is supported, more to be adde

Currently, only Newcamd protocol is supported, more to be added later.

- Many standard features you'd expect in a card server (explore rqcs.conf).

- Special thanks go out to jimlupien and patx who provided a lot of help and
info which made this release possible!

Planned features:
- Support for Triple Dragon (and possibly DGStation, depending on CDK

Support for ROM103.

- rqcamd-style web interface with full statistics/administration

- Support for an improved communication protocol native to rqcs.

- Support for a d2c syntax-compatible protocol called DSCCP (direct
smartcard communication protocol) that will enable custom applications to
communicate at the packet level with a smartcard inserted in a DB

this opens many possibilities, such as card-auxing).

- Custom windows application that will connect to rqcs via DSCCP and execute
WinExplorer-style scripts on the card.

- Add support for serial port ISO readers (for Linux x86 version).

Win32 version.

NOTE: The x86 version is still not working. That is a planned feature.

rqcs 1.00 has only been tested on PowerPC boxes (DM500, DM7020).
It *should* work the same on other Dreamboxes, however: *USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!*

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rqcamd 1.03 CS support new cards

26/12/2008 v1.03
- Some tweaks to optimize it for rqcs, and some changes to support ROM24X CS.

- If you're going to use rqcs, it is recommended you upgrade to this version.
If you are going to use a ROM24X, then you *must* upgrade.

NOTE: To do CS with DN ROM241 you must change 1816 CaID priority in rqcamd.conf from:

deambox now has an IKS solution to N3 channels??