Almost immediately after your first mission Simeon will call Franklin for another repo. Hop into your car, drive to the icon marked with an "S". The Easiest way to get there is to create a way point on your map. Once there walk inside to begin the mission and watch the cut scene.

Now, Hop into a car (pick a faster one if you wish). Be sure to wait for Lamar. Head for Vespucci Beach on your map.

Follow Lamar into the back alley over a fence.

There are three garages at the end of the alley that can be opened. The largest garage triggers a cut scene.

Once the shooting starts, pick up the gun that Lamar will drop for you. Equip it with the L1, or L B buttons. Take to the side of the garage and shoot out the first few thugs on your right. Once they are cleared out, run to the other side of the alley across from Lamar and keep shooting.

- Be sure to pick up the Shotgun sitting on the ground, you will need it later on in the game.

- Shoot the guys on the roofs and try to get head shots.

- Be sure to shoot the blue car's leaking fuel trail.

Now, Take out the rest of the targets further up the alley. The guy you are repoing from will drive off. Hop the fence, get back into your car, and give chase.

It's now time for another high-speed pursuit through the city. Follow the guy on the motorcycle through the streets using your mini-map as a guide.

Use your special ability to help with corners and weaving through traffic. The hardest part of this mission will be catching the guy on the motorcycle.

There are two ways to complete this mission:

1) The game will ask you to shoot at the guy on the motorcycle from your car. Use Franklin's special ability to slow time down. Hit the "Y" button, or "Triangle" button to pull out your gun. To aim at the biker use the right control stick. Shoot him and the chase is over. However, this may be difficult if you have not practiced it.

2) The second way is to simply ram the guy on the motorcycle with your car. One good bump and you will knock him off. Damage to the motorcycle will not stop you from getting the gold. So it doesn't really matter and this may be easier for you.

Now you will need to drive the bike back to the dealership but first you need to lose the cops. The motorcycle makes it very easy to avoid cops, its fast and you can hide almost anywhere. It's also very easy to fall off motorcycles. One good bump and you will fly off it! So be careful!

To get Gold:

  • Time - Complete this mission within 6 minutes and 30 seconds. Shooting the guy on the motorcycle, is the best way to finish this mission quickly!
  • Trail Blazer - Shoot the gasoline trail of the blue car.
  • Head shots - Kill six enemies with head shots. If you want this, you can't rely on auto aim much. It's also easier to get head shots, on the guys on the roofs. The ones on the ground duck too often, making it difficult to get the head shots.
  • Accuracy - Finish with an accuracy of at least 70%. Stick to the Handgun. Auto aim will make this easy. However, if you are going for the head shots, auto aim might get in the way. So use manual aim wisely!