This is Michael's big chance at the film industry, but can he get it off the ground.

Head to Richards Majestic film studio in Rockford Hills, it's near Michael's house.

Watch the cut scene.

Head to the next way point in East Los Santos.

Watch the next cut scene.

Now get to the helipad as quietly as you can. Enter Stealth Mode and climb the fence to the north.

Sneak to the ladder and be careful to not alert the guys by the car.

Once at the top, you'll see a guy, creep up behind him and take him out.

Sneak to the next ladder to your west, a guy will come out of a door, take him out.

Keep heading west, then climb an air conditioner, then ventilation duct to the north.

You will meet another guy, take him out.

Head north, then down a flight of stairs. Then go east and climb another ladder to the south.

You will see two guys, wait for them to pass, then creep up and take them out.

Now head north and climb a long ladder to the way point.

You will now need to fight. Just keep punching Rocco til he's down.

Get in the helicopter and 'convince' the talent, that they need to go back to work with Solomon. Try flying close to buildings or the ground, but avoid any damage. Do this until the two actors are 'convinced'.

Now head back to Solomon.

You will need to land in a parking lot in an empty water tank and avoid damage.

Once you land, escort the two actors to Solomon and watch the final cut scene.

To get gold:
  • Time - Complete the mission in 10 minutes. Scare the actors right away, don't wait.
  • Silent Assassin - Kill three enemies with stealth attacks. There are many opportunities.
  • Can't Touch This 2.0 - Take no damage during the fight with Rocco.
  • Perfect Touchdown - Land the chopper without damaging it.