Michael is really in a grind, if Franklin doesn't hurry, he is surely minced meat!

Head to Franklin's aunt's house as either Trevor or Franklin and watch the cut scene.

You will be automatically switched to Franklin. Franklin will call Lester, Lester will give Franklin the 'Trackify' application.

You will be switched to Michael, immediately hit the start button, go to the map, memorize the spot. He's in a meat packing plant in Cypress Flats.

Now switch back to Franklin, pull up your map, find Michael's location and quickly drive there.

Alternatively, pull out your cell phone and load the 'Trackify' application. Keeping the red dot North, and drive to Michael's location.

Once there, head around back, you'll see two enemies by a truck, take them out.

Now find some cover and take out the guys at the door.

Once clear, head into the building.

From this point it's like any other mission, it's the usual, cover, shoot, and move when clear.

Make your way to Michael. Once you get to him, throw Michael a gun and you will be automatically switched to Michael.

Quickly shoot the enemies through the door and the two on your left.

You will be automatically switched to Franklin. Head through the door, take out the one enemy, and another will pin Franklin to the floor.

Use auto aim with Michael and take him out.

Now make your way outside.

Once you're outside, destroy one of the cars and take the other. If you don't destroy it, you will be chased.

Now head to Michael's house and the mission ends.

To get gold:
  • Switch Limiter - Don't switch more than three times. Only switch if you have no choice.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. Use that auto aim.
  • Headshots - Kill at least ten enemies with headshots. Use auto aim, push up, and then shoot.
  • Swift Rescue - Save Michael within 3 minutes 30 seconds. Your not far away, memorize the spot and drive fast.
  • Sense of Direction - Don't use a map way point. Make sure you know where your going, if you don't know, load the 'Trackify' application to help.