Michael only wants to produce his movie, he certainly didn't want Molly sucked directly into it.

Head to the 'Richards Majestic Studio' and watch the cut scene.

Molly leaves panicking with Michael and Solomon's movie. (Meltdown)

Jump in one of the fast cars in the parking area and chase Molly.

Head to Los Santos International Airport.

Now keep chasing Molly around the airport, watch all the mayhem she causes.

Eventually, Molly stops at Devin Weston's hangar. Follow Molly into the building.

Once she gets sucked into the jet engine, collect the film.

Now lose your wanted level.

To get gold:
  • Time - Complete the mission within 5 minutes and 30 seconds. Drive fast when chasing molly.
  • Floor It - Reach top speed in any car.
  • Clean Escape - Lose your wanted level within 2 minutes.
  • News Hound - View the Weazel News camera for 15 seconds. At any time during the chase press the 'Circle' or 'B' button, to view the news chopper footage.