Franklin feels he has no choice, the time has come to kill Michael.

NOTE: If you select Option B you will lose Michael permanently. I recommend selecting Option C and then playing this option in the Mission Replay menu.

Head to Franklin's place and find the way point inside.

Devin Weston pays a visit and urges Franklin to make his choice.

Franklin's phone gives you 3 options:
  • Option A: Kill Trevor.
  • Option B: Kill Michael.
  • Option C: Deathwish.

Choose 'Option B Kill Michael' to begin this mission.

Now head to the way point at Ron Alternates Wind Farm and watch this uncomfortable cut scene.

Now chase Michael. You can't catch him, just keep on his tail. Don't shoot at his vehicle either, you may get a wanted level and it does not work anyway.

Use Franklin's special ability to prevent crashing.

All you need to do is stay close behind him until he stops.

Be careful to not crash into the barriers when you leave the tracks.

Now run after him through the steel grating stairs and walkways.

Just ignore his gunshots and don't let it slow you down.

This place is a bit confusing, just keep going up, if you see stairs take them. You're headed to the top of the red and white striped smoke stack. If you get lost, follow the red dot on your mini map.

Don't bother trying to shoot him either, it won't do any good.

Eventually, Franklin will push Michael causing him to fall but will catch his arm.

You'll be prompted to either drop him, or save him.

Make a choice and Michael will fall with either choice and the mission ends.

To get gold:
  • Surpassed the Mentor - Kill Michael. Just be sure to drop him.