Two men are looking for work, one sees an airport and says,

"Lets go over there and ask for work."

The other one says "No!"

The first man says "Well, I'm going to ask."

So he go's to the airport and asks "Are you guys hiring?"

The man behind the desk replies, "What can you do?",

he replies "Pilot."

"yes" replies the man "This is an airport we always need pilots.

The man returns to his friend and says "I just got hired, you should go ask."

So he go's and asks for work the man behind the desk asks him what can you do he replies,


The man behind the desk says "This is an airport we have no need for a woodcutter."

He replies "You just hired my buddy!",

The man behind the desk replies "Ya but your buddy is a pilot",

He replies "But my buddy can't pile it till I cut it."