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Thread: X-85BL_DN_B_070203_290T_api.zip

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    Moded with Tivo / Hughes ir codes
    Good For ALL

    It has been my distinct pleasure to have been able help keep our Fortecs alive for the past Year. As it seems that the Pansat 2500A files will soon come to an end I will no longer be able to support the Fortec Lifetime Ultra in the future. As long as there is still a release for the Pansat 2500A unit I will continue to do my best and make a safe file for use. At this time I would like to urge all to upgrade to another reciever while prices are still competitive. We have had a long run and I feel it is best to just move on. Newer boxes are what you should be looking for as they have so many new features that you have not been able to enjoy with your older units. I urge you not to buy another clone because of price because you will be constantly strugleing with the same issues.
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