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Thread: Limesat Ultra V2 2012 model - Bin 2.74 for ver2 only!

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    Limesat Ultra V2 2012 model - Bin 2.74 for ver2 only!

    Limesat Ultra V2 2012 model - Bin 2.74 for ver2 only!

    C&P From LimesatJapan

    Here is the new Limesat Ultra Version 2 2012 bin to update the flash.

    The new 2012 Ultra's have a upgraded flash memory and can not use the same software as the older models just yet.

    You will first need to download this v2 2.74 bin to update the OSD and Flash.

    Once this is done you will then need to load a universal limesat Ultra file which will work on both the old Ultra's and the new V2 ultra's.

    If you try to load any of the old files and it says failed to load and you just purchased this unit after Feb22nd then you most likely have a ver2 model and need to load 2.74.


    No need to enter public code good till n3 bin will work on v2 after loading 2.74 and also work on old models.


    If you load 2.74 bin by mistake with a older model you will need to go back to ver 2.73 first and then straight to 2.75.

    thx Limesat Japan

    More Here:

    C&P From LimesatJapan:

    Little confusion in the 2.74 release notes.

    If you have ver2 delivered after feb22 you will need to load 2.74 as you have a ver2 ultra. After you do this you need to load v2.75 and it will work without entering a code.


    Older Limesat Ultra's should skip 2.74 altogether and go straight to the Good till n3 bin 2.75 no code required.

    If you have a older ultra and load the 2.74 by mistake then you will need to go back to bin 2.73 then directly up to 2.75 universal Limesat Ultra bin.

    Hope this will make it more clear.

    Mods please be sure this gets displayed correctly.

    thx and have a wonderful day!
    Limesat Japan

    EnjoY iT!!!
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