AZ box HD elite/premium/plus setup
C/P from gopalmm2

1) Here is how to install MultiCAS from a file you get on a forum like this one:

Start your FileZilla Client [for instance, freeware!] -> get into AZbox HD -> Plugins -> OpenXCAS -> MultiCAS -> delete all "example" files, openxcas.conf and multicas emu_module.

Put in:
-emu_module files

from a file one gets from a forum like this one.

Give emu_module CHMOD to 755 by right clicking on it -> File Permissions -> Change file attributes -> numeric value to 755 -> OK.


The right version should be showing in AZbox HD MultiCAS menu. All CCcam and Newcamd servers should be preserved, if you put them in before!

Server details are in MultiCAS in /tmp file:


2) It is possible to install and configure it all out via remote, if the file is available to download from azboxworld, straight into your AZbox HD:

First, stop all other emus and activate ONLY MultiCAS [the # thing, using the blue button on your remote, as you may have read in my "Alternative Guide", where you will get a lot more info on many more subjects...]

If one already had MultiCAS installed, normally one just downloads and installs the new MultiCAS "executable" from the net straight into the AZbox HD. No need for a "config" file and no need to uninstall the previous version already installed in your box.

A) Home -> Plug-ins -> OpenXCAS -> DOWNLOAD EXECUTABLE -> you will see the support server link to get your plug-ins there:

B) Download and install the latest MultiCAS by pressing on the OK button of your remote!

C) Get the configuration files for EMUs/CS SW from DOWNLOAD CONFIG, in the same part of the "Plug-ins menu", if there are such specific files for the latest version.

If not - no need to do this step. It seems that if you had the previous version of MultiCAS already installed [and it was all functioning], and the writers had not provided us with a specific NEW config file - the old config file will function with the new version of MultiCAS just the same.

At this point it is good to reboot your AZbox HD!

D) So, when it reboots, using your remote control ,go to Home -> Plug-ins -> [as described above...] -> MultiCAS -> Smart Card Splitter and CS.

E) Change the following, using your REMOTE:

-change the Mode to Client Newcamd - you can connect to other people's servers

-choose Server No. 1 [when done with the first one, move this one to 2, then 3 etc. - as many as you need, up to 16, I think...]

-choose Host Name Use - or

-choose the Port - 10010 or 10510, which ever is right for you

-User Name - access code/ donation number

-Password - access code/ donation number

DES key is 6103 4034 4540 6970 9871 2341 2134

-Server - Enable

-Connect - test it [but only AFTER I enabled the one which appears below it, on the TV screen...]

It should say "login success"...

Repeat for all the servers you have, to check...

Red Button = Save.

F) But still: as soon as I wanted to get out of there, using the Exit button on my remote, it first asked me, in a little pop-up window, if I want to login to all my servers now. Press OK, of course. It will connect to your peers aaaaaand.... colours!!!

If not, change the channel and then it should connect! If not - reboot and check again...

The new version shows you the information, as to which server it is trying to hook onto and if it's a success...

So, if you do not want MultiCAS to read your smartcard inserted in the built-in AZbox HD card reader, you can disable the MultiCAS access to it, using the following file in MultiCAS folder of your AZbox HD.

###### Disable or Enable option for cardreader of MultiCAS
###### Disable_CardReader = 1 -> Disable-Internel CardReader / Disable_CardReader = 0 -> Enable-Internel CardReader
Disable_CardReader = 0
In that case, you can activate [the blue button command, removing # in front of it] and configure NewCS' [v. 1.20 RC13] Newcamd protocol, to read your card. I will presume you have installed it, activated and configured it properly [and that NewCS supports your card, of course]. More info about it a bit later...


3) Another way of editing it all is using telesat's MultiCAS Edit.


The relevant config files to discuss:

The new_biss.key - how it functions...

What can we can open with MultiCAS Emulator [and not Card Sharing functions]? The info is here:

- more or less the same as MGcamd Emu.

BISS works, from what I can tell, with the keys included in the file.

You can change them via remote. See my "Alternative guide..." post no. 5:

Putting a working key into MultiCAS, via remote...

When you don't feel like searching for or can't change the full version what can you do? Find a key on the net, for educational purposes only, of course... <wink, wink>

Where? The forums I already mentioned have the keys sections, where I get the active working key and then...

HOME button on your remote controller -> Plug-ins -> OpenXCAS -> Activation & Priority Settings -> put the # in front of all Plug-ins, except MultiCAS, by using the blue button.

Get out of the Menu, using the Exit button on your remote -> Camd Setup -> OK -> MultiCAS -> Edit And Convert Keys -> sub-menu Nagravision -> right arrow on your remote -> "down" arrow on your remote -> find the Digi TV section -> Ident [2011 - warning: for Dream, Humax etc. receivers the Ident is 2111 but don't let that worry you!] -> put the key in now...

If, for instance, key 00 was active, one must edit it in 2 parts, as the Nagra keys are "broken" in two parts: for key 00, the first part is Index 00,the other is 10; for key 01 it’s 01 & 11.

So, choose a relevant part of the key [in this case it's 00 20 11 00] by pressing the remote OK button and then one gets a new window to edit the old key. Put the first part in, then hit the Save button on your TV screen, then the other part [in this case it's 00 20 11 01], then Save.

Get out of that sub-Menu, using the Exit button, then go to Activation & Priority Settings, restart MultiCAM, using the yellow and/or OK buttons -> OK -> then get out using the Home button -> TV -> OK and.... [if the key is correct and you put it in precisely] – colours [heheeee]!!!


## MAX Support the 12 of Serverlist by this CFG file
## N: Hostname port username password 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14
N: 10010 accesscode accesscode 61 03 40 34 45 40 69 70 98 71 23 41 21 34
N: 10010 accesscode accesscode 61 03 40 34 45 40 69 70 98 71 23 41 21 34

priocaid.cfg - to improve the MultiCAS speed and stability

### 0100 : SECA
### 0500 : VIACESS
### 06xx : **DETO
### 0dxx : CRYPTOWORKS
### 0bxx : CONAX
### 09xx : NDS
### 17xx : BETACRYPT
### 18xx : NAGRA
### max 8 of caid 0100 0500 0600 0900 1800 0d00 0b00 1700
### CASE OLD #1 0600 0d00 1700 1800 0900 0b00 0100 0500
### CASE OLD #2 0100 1800 0500 0600 0d00 1700 0b00 0900
0100 1816 0500 0600 0d00 1700 0b00 0900

AZ box HD elite premium plus