LOS ANGELES – In "Morning Glory," Diane Keaton plays a veteran TV morning-show host who takes on the silliest assignments just to keep herself on the air.

In reality, Keaton is one of Hollywood's favorite actresses, an Oscar winner with more than 40 feature films to her credit, including modern classics like "The Godfather," "Reds" and "Annie Hall."

The 64-year-old actress, director and producer says her enthusiasm hasn't waned over her 40 years in film. Unlike her "Morning Glory" character, Colleen Peck, who is determined to keep her job at almost any cost, Keaton's curiosity about people and their lives makes her work feel fresh, like there's always something to discover.

She talked with The Associated Press about the changing face of entertainment and her latest on- and off-screen pursuits.


AP: How did you like working with Harrison Ford in this film?

Keaton: He is hilarious. I love working with him, are you kidding? He's beautiful! What about that face? That face held up.