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Thread: Closer Apart - Feature Film (An Uncanny Visions Production)

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    Thumbs up Closer Apart - Feature Film (An Uncanny Visions Production)

    I went to see the world premier screening of a film called Closer Apart last night. I had to tell everyone what I thought of this film. So, here goes.

    Here’s what the makers of the film Closer Apart have to say:

    “CLOSER APART is a (dark) romantic comedy written and directed by Kyle Van Dongen. The movie follows Miles (Justin Tessier) and Jessica (Carla Gyemi), two polar opposites, as they encounter one awkward situation after another. This isn't just a bad date, it's every bad date you've ever had rolled into one uncomfortable, hostile, and dangerous night. Also starring: Tarek Jafar and Maggie Yoell.”

    This is the first film I’ve viewed by Uncanny Visions, and I must say, I am left wanting more. The acting at some parts is a little bit amateurish, but it IS a local film, so you would expect as much. THAT in my opinion, makes the film even better. Once adjusted to the style of acting, it becomes a non-issue and the movie is VERY enjoyable. It is a spectacular a film.

    The premise of the film being “it's every bad date you've ever had rolled into one”, doesn’t do the film justice. This was the worst possible date in the history of dates in the modern age we live in today. Polar opposites is an understatement. They are so not each other’s type.

    Jessica (Carla) sets up a date with a guy named Miles (Justin) over the internet. She’s so completely superficial and wacked out of her mind that she doesn’t remember doing this and accidentally meets up with him at a coffee bar. She is extremely forward and is only focused on sex. Miles, this clean-cut guy, is more interested in being on a ‘regular’ date and doing ‘regular’ date things, like getting to know each other. Jessica takes the two of them on a journey that Miles, or Mark as she’s named him, will never ever forget. From her stalking a waiter at Enzo’s to getting mugged and almost killed, and then her finally saying that she loves him. It was an all-out crazy night.

    I was captivated and couldn’t help but wonder “What’s she going to do to this poor guy next?”; I also couldn’t help wondering how much poor Miles would take before walking away.

    Rick’s wanting to jump off the roof wasn’t believable. He seemed as though he was too happy. And Jessica, seemed a little out of character to want to help him. Was this just part of her true nature showing through her bad-girl façade?

    Jessica being immersed in the drug world, and Miles not wanting anything to do with that lifestyle was a good choice for the characters. It shows that not everyone is into pot and alcohol and can be quite happy without those vices.

    I was kind of disappointed at the ending, but really, how else could the film possibly ended. All she wanted was for someone to love her, and she threw out any chance of that happening with her attitude, and her actions of the evening.

    Carla Gyemi’s acting seemed a little forced, but only with the bad attitude, (but this may have just been her character putting it on) otherwise she was great. Justin Tessier played a great clean straight-shooter with a head on his shoulders. Tarek Jafar was just plain funny, providing some nice comic relief. Maggie Yoell was fantastic as well, as she had kind of a double personality for her character; a pothead stoned out of her mind, and a well rounded university student.

    Although all the actors in the film were very strong in their perspective rolls, Carla Gyemi really stole the screen in her powerful portrayal of Jessica and may have overshadowed her co-star Justin Tessier, who was totally believable in his role.

    All in all, a great performance by some local talent. The acting, directing and editing were done magnificently.

    I would love to see a sequel to this film. What is next for Jessica? What happened to Miles? Did Rick get back together with Tina? What’s next for the characters in this film? I, like many others I’m sure, would like to know.

    Total budget for the film was less than $500CAD, and was shot over the summer of 2011 on the weekends in Windsor Ontario Canada.

    Here is the trailer for the movie:

    Uncanny Visions website can be found at:
    Uncanny Visions

    This film should be viewed around the country and world-wide at any and every film festival out there. From there, it can surely move to the big screen.

    Is this film Preferred By Pete? Yes, absolutely. I would watch it again and recommend it to all my friends.
    This is MY opinion on stuff! Get your own!

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    Reviewer Of ALL! PBP Site Assistant Rank Pete Reviews's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
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    Re: Closer Apart - Feature Film (An Uncanny Visions Production)

    I would like to take this time to add an amendment to my comments of the acting in this film.

    I had called the acting "amateurish". I have to somewhat take that back. Upon watching some "Hollywood made" television shows, the acting in this film puts the professionals to shame. Some of these Hollywood television stars have more amateurish acting skills than the local Windsor actors in this film. I think these actors in Closer Apart have what it takes to make it in this business.

    Congratulations on your wonderful acting, and keep up the good work!

    PS, I'm still waiting for a sequel!
    This is MY opinion on stuff! Get your own!

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