How to convert DVD to iPod (both video and audio) with YASA DVD Ripper Platinum

1. Download YASA DVD Ripper Platinum and install it.
2. Run YASA DVD Ripper Platinum. Select output profiles of "iPod MPEG-4 Movie(*.mp4)" on the menubar.
3. Click menu "Open DVD Disc ... " button to open open the DVD Disc.
4. YASA DVD Ripper Platinum will show "DVD Output Wizard". If you are newbie of video conversion, Just simply click "Finish", because Output profiles of "iPod MPEG-4 Movie(*.mp4)" has already input the default setting for outputing iPod MPEG-4 Movie" . If you are an expert otherwise, you can use "DVD output Wizard" to change the settings.
5. You can choose the output filename, audio language, subtitle, output video size etc by clicking menu "option".

6. If you want to make video clips, please click "Clip & Convert ..." button. Click "create new clip' begin time and end time
7. After all, Click "Convert All ..." button to start converting.
8. After the converting complete, Launch iTunes and add output video files into videos.