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Thread: Top Ten Ways to Increase iPod Battery Time

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    Top Ten Ways to Increase iPod Battery Time

    Several methods exist for increasing your ipod's battery time and life. Here are the ten most important ones.

    iPod batteries are frequently debated and hated. These methods will help you get the most out of your iPod battery.

    1. Backlight Timer: Backlight use eats up the iPod battery juice very quickly. You can change how quickly the backlight turns off.

    Settings -> Backlight Timer

    2. Brightness: Just like on a laptop, the brighter the screen, the more energy it is burning. Decrease the screen brightness and you'll get more play.

    Settings -> Brightness

    3. Clicker: That little audible clicking sound when scrolling through the menus will burn juice. Turn it off for the savings.

    Settings -> Clicker -> Off

    4. Hold Switch: If you are not using it, turn on the hold switch. This will prevent the iPod from accidentally getting touched and turned on when you are not using it.

    5. Pause: Don't just leave the iPod spinning for no reason. If you are not going to be listening for a bit, pause it!

    6. Avoid Track Change: Skipping forward or backwards causes the ipod to access the hard drive inefficiently. Use playlists effectively to prevent skipping.

    7. Equalizer: The extensive calculations required by the EQ will drain the battery quicker. Disable it if your ears will allow.

    Settings -> EQ -> OFF

    8. Use Compression: As the hard drive is the real energy burning beast, compression will save battery loving. Loading into memory and decompression is much more efficient that the iPod streaming large, uncompressed files off the drive.

    9. Battery Health: Batteries frequently lose their storage potential due to two common abuses. Excess temperature changes the properties of the battery and may change how much juice it can hold. Leaving the iPod battery completely discharged for long periods of time is a huge mistake as well.

    10. Software Updates: Sometimes the iPod designers figure out new software changes to improve the life of the battery. Keeping your software updated will ensure that you too have the benefit of these changes.

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    Re: Top Ten Ways to Increase iPod Battery Time

    Hey those sound like very good ideas. Some I have been practicing but others I had no idea.
    Thumbs UP!!!!!!!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Save the battery!

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    Re: Top Ten Ways to Increase iPod Battery Time

    You have done a great job.
    Such an informative and well formed post!
    Thank you for sharing that, it was wonderful of all.



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