Motorists get free gasoline

EVANSTON, Ill., -- About 600 customers in northern Illinois got nearly 7,000 gallons of free gas from the Evanston Shell gas station in a two-hour promotion, officials said.
The promotion Friday was one of several across the country to promote Shell's nitrogen-enhanced gasoline, and the station also gave away gift cards and free car washes, the Chicago Tribune reported.
Drivers didn't have to exit their vehicles to get the free fuel, as the station had attendants at each of its 16 pumps to dispense the gasoline. Each lucky driver received up to 20 gallons.
"We wanted to pump as much gas as possible of the 12,000 gallons we had there," said Steve Yarr, director of dealer operations with the station's gasoline distributor Graham Enterprises, Inc.
Police directed traffic, which stretched for several blocks around the station.