Some news going around that Mr. Sonicview AKA spokesman for Akai Japan
Was involved in a terrible accident this past week and in critical condition as the source said.

Who is Mr. Sonicview?

Mr. Sonicview is known to many FTA sites and went by the names of Mr. Sonicview and claim to be the spokesperson for Akai Japan, spokesperson for the Japan Public and Private Servers. Also believed to have gone as far to be the spokesperson for Limesat Japan site as well.

No solid information regarding the accident or it has something to do with IKS Japan being down the last few days. In the other hand no news of when the IKS Japan servers for both public and private will be back it could be a temporary thing but we all must acknowledge the days of public server or free server will end soon if not ended all together and we must used to the idea of paying for the private server, it’s not that expensive by all means.

If the accident is for real, wish Mr. Sonicview a speedy recovery.