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Thread: Pansat 2500 Programming guide

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    Pansat 2500 Programming guide

    Hi to all

    I was given a Pansat 2500, does anyone have a guide for programming it. Thanks

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    Windows 7 Ultimate, XP, Linux

    Re: Pansat 2500 Programming guide

    Instruction for Flashing PANSAT 2500A

    1) Connect a RS232C straight (2-2, 3-3, 5-5) female-female serial cable from you computer 9 pin serial port to the receiver. IMPORTANT make sure is not a null cable (2-3, 3-2, 5-5)
    6-Ft. Serial RS-232C Cable 9-PIN Female Both Ends:
    $14.99 Brand: Radio Shack
    Catalog #: 26-152 Model: 26-152

    2) Power up your receiver.

    3) Open Blacklist STB UPDATER.exe. Loaders are found here. Choose the COM port your serial cable is connected to. Most cases are COM 1.

    4) Click BROWSE and select the latest BIN File, the latest bin files can be found here.

    IMPORTANT DO NOT interrupts until it is complete. Wait until download is complete and receiver turn itself OFF and back ON!!

    5) Turn off the receiver and connect it in your TV and Dish.

    6) Go to Menu-Installation-Antenna set up and select the satellites you want to get. Then OK, scroll down and set Diseqc or 22KHz switching options for your hardware. . You must try to get 80% signal level and quality for ALL Transponders available for your Area(Spot Beam). Check http://www.lyngsat.com/ for your Beams
    Level is related to Receiver-LNB communication. Cable length, connection, and all devices within LNB and Receiver will affect this parameter. You must set LNB type and local frequency properly. An inline amplifier will improve this parameter, but a faulty connection will cause switching problems.
    Quality is related to the signal you are receiving from the Satellite, LNB quality, dish size, and dish pointing will affect this parameter.

    7) Scroll down to Satellite Scan. Right arrow to ALL, then OK. Repeat this process with all sat you are pointing at.

    IMPORTANT Dish Pro lnb user must edit all Horizontal transponder before SCAN.
    Go to Menu-Installation-scroll down to Tp/satellite edit-OK- select sat your are at pointing at with the dish pro lnb-OK- scroll Edit tp-OK- Then choose one by one each Horizontal TP and edit it as follow:
    -Scroll down to the H TP-OK-Edit-OK- Subtract the existing freq from 25600 (for example 110 tp2 12239, 25600-12239= 13361) then enter new value with your remote-Scroll down to Polarity-Right arrow to VERTICAL.-Exit.
    -Then repeat process to ALL H tps.
    -Then repeat process to all Satellites you are pointing with a Dish Pro LNB.
    -Now you can scan your satellites
    Dish PRO USERS READ THIS. You can avoid all this just loading a Readymade Dish Pro channel list. Read step No.12

    9) Check if Key Code function is ON(it must be with this new fix but just check). MENU-Scroll to parental control-OK-Scroll to second PIN-enter 0000- check if key code function is ON, if not-scroll down-then right arrow to ON, exit, exit, exit.

    10) Watch TV. But you will notice that channels are not named (except BEV 91 and 82 which will be named as default after the scan) You can follow your receiver manual instructions and name all you channels with your remote[go to menu-channel edit and name them manually (for channels list go to http://www.lyngsat.com)/ ] but you will wear your remote.

    11) You can use Channel master software, upload the channel list and setting to your computer and edit your channel list , then download edited list to your receiver.

    12) Download Channel lists and Channel master software here.

    WATCH OUT. After channel list is loaded you must go to installation-Antenna set up and change the DiseqC and 22khz to yours as explained in step 6.

    Please, DO NOT PM admins/mods for personal support. Keep posts here in the Forums instead and we all learn.

    Any questions you have will get a good answer as long as you have followed the forum rules and shown you have tried to help yourself. Your questions are clear and contain as much relevant info as possible, especially error messages and solutions you have tried.

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    VIP Member VIP New Member Rank 3 Domando1069's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Canada eh?
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    Re: Pansat 2500 Programming guide

    Thanks Rumas for the info, now it's off to the big city. It sucks to live in the bush sometimes.

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