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Thread: Pansat 2700A B 6.2 --> B 7.5

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    Pansat 2700A B 6.2 --> B 7.5

    Im having a problem changing my 2700A from 6.2 to 7.5.

    I have tried multiple downloads and this is what happens.

    I use the correct wire
    --> Start up the correct program to upload the boot 75
    -->Input the b75 boot file
    -->Start download
    -->Download Complete! But instead of showing b-7-5 going across the screen, the Night Ryder lights go back and forth
    --> after that I put the new bin file and started downloading
    --> When I found out that this didnt work, I put the factory bin 115
    --> I did this multiple times yesterday

    Is something wrong with the receiver, or did I just do something wrong


    ~ BluE Shad3

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    Re: Pansat 2700A B 6.2 --> B 7.5

    I too am having the same problem wth my pansat 2700 a receiver.
    have tried to flash useing loader 27.01, 27.02 and black list updater ver 1.4 and all do the same thing. download shows 0 and will time out with a message of upload failed.
    I am beginning to think maybe something wrong with receiver. this may not help you but let known that you are not alone with this problem.

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    Re: Pansat 2700A B 6.2 --> B 7.5

    it should work but u have to use the blacklist updater for everything here is the files i have used and it worked u also have to time it right as soon as u turn it on start the download hope this helps

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    Re: Pansat 2700A B 6.2 --> B 7.5

    thank you after flashing orignal factory 115 bin then 200 bin and finaly 208 with updater all is working again. download to my computer was slow and took a lot of time but finaly did work.

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