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Thread: how to convert 2500a to 2700a

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    how to convert 2500a to 2700a

    i am told there is a program to convert my pansat 2500a to a 2700 does anyone know anything about this ?? as i have 4 2500a`s and would like to be using them

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    Re: how to convert 2500a to 2700a

    yes there is i converted mine and it works fine here is the files that u need to do the conversion.

    Last edited by Rumas; September 2nd, 2007 at 10:53 AM.

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    Re: how to convert 2500a to 2700a

    well i have loaded the files 3 times and all i get is the front of the pansat a green light flashing from one end to the other what am i doing wrong ?

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    Re: how to convert 2500a to 2700a

    load the boot file b75 first then load the 205 and then the 208 bin file but do it all using the blacklist updater. if your receiver is working properly it should work

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    Re: how to convert 2500a to 2700a

    ok thats what i dont see is the 2500 file what one is that i got the 208 and the b75 where is the 2500 file i know might seem dumb but this computer is runing so slow today aswell not a good day LOL

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    Re: how to convert 2500a to 2700a

    the 205 bin file is in the folder that u downloaded with the other files

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    Re: how to convert 2500a to 2700a

    jvvh_208_1bin and b75_ ar there so i take it the 208 is the one i want to load first i just don`t want to make a mistake ya know i relize bv is down but i still want to learn as new files will be along soon or is there maybe a step by step to do this the user notes kinda mess me up a bit

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    Re: how to convert 2500a to 2700a

    does anyone know how to get this 205 file for the changing from 2500a to 2700a ?

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