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Thread: Pansat 2700 no channels with api 2.27, boot 75

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    Pansat 2700 no channels with api 2.27, boot 75

    First upgraded bin to 2.26 with the old boot : 6.26 and of course that screwed the receiver (it is always good to read the instructions first). Any how, fought another hour or two with the machine, resetted to factory settings (boot 6.2) updated the boot ver. to 75, flashed the bin with api 2.26 and guess what - didn't work ! Found that there is a new release 2.27, flashed (again) the bin and now configured :
    API : 75-2.27_EUbX
    Boot ver : 75
    Keys for B3V from November 18th 2007
    And the damn thing is giving me Scrambled or bad channel
    If any one have some suggestions pls share - will appreciate.
    I'm giving up for tonight.

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    Re: Pansat 2700 no channels with api 2.27, boot 75

    Ziggy07 ,, try turn the autoroll on and see what you get if still Scrambled or bad channel than just reboot the receiver ,, if still Scrambled or bad channel than you have to check you diseqc switch setting on the antenna setting ,, because if you see that you have signal quality but different port you will get also this message Scrambled or bad channel see what you will get after ,, hope this will give you some help

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    Re: Pansat 2700 no channels with api 2.27, boot 75

    LNB Type = Standard
    * LNB Local Freq. = 11250
    * 22KHz = Off
    * DiSEqC = Off, tried #1, #2, #3 and # 4 without success
    * Skew = 0
    * TP = tried different without success
    * Positioner Setting = Disable
    * Satellite Scan = All
    constant signal 77%
    quality 80-86%
    Still getting Scrambled or bad channel and the guide is working.
    I noticed that today both keys are numbered 01. I mean there is no key 00. However key values are changing when pressing the left/right arrows. Should i re-flash it ?

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