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Thread: 3500s Clone Problems

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    3500s Clone Problems


    I've tried downloading the latest BIN (Dec 8) and also tried manually entering the keys for BV3, and at best I'm getting the "waiting for pic" screen to over 1000% and then when it is through I get "Scrambled or Bad Channels".

    Since this is my first foray into FTA (today) I am wondering if someone can tell me if this is just a bad day....or if I still need to spend more of my life configuring my receiver....

    Any hints?

    My Flash Upgrade says: X-05BL API:80-3.44_Eubx Boot ver:80 08 Dec, 2007

    I have yet to get one single channel to work on this thing.



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    Re: 3500s Clone Problems

    b*v is down again. You need a new bin which is not out yet.

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