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Thread: 229 fix doesn't work

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    229 fix doesn't work

    229 fix for pansat 2700A doesn't work for both my neighbors and me, we are really confused what's wrong and what's going on?

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    Re: 229 fix doesn't work

    Yee same here im only getting all the 100 and 200 channels NO PPV MOVIES ARE WRKINGGG PLZZ HELPPP US

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    Re: 229 fix doesn't work

    the fix was for b3v not dn

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    Re: 229 fix doesn't work

    sorry im new at this stuff Whats bv3

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    PBP Member PBP Member Rank 0 teknosoft's Avatar
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    Re: 229 fix doesn't work

    Quote Originally Posted by rajsolar View Post
    sorry im new at this stuff Whats bv3
    b3v is a Canadian network provider, D!sh is American network provider.
    Each have their own birds (satellites), keys etc...
    Hope this clerify some things.
    Be Sure to READ the site RULES

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    Re: 229 fix doesn't work

    Thanx 4 ur help

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    Re: 229 fix doesn't work

    b3v=bell exprese view For canadian
    dn=dish network

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    Probationary PBP Member haf's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
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    Re: 229 fix doesn't work

    Even bv3 is not working either.

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