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Thread: is it just pansat

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    is it just pansat

    ok so im also new and confused...lol... posted a thread yest. got no help so did sum searching and i used the X-87 BL_071031_B75_219_API.BIN with my DN autorolls on.... no luck i got scrambeled or bad channel. so i then turned off auto rolls and used the latest key codes for DN 12/16 4:05....still no luck....i have a good sig level & qual. .... only when i turn on DN autorolls and keycodes it says waiting for picture left it all night this morning still no luck.... wut can i do next ???

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    Re: is it just pansat

    should i try this bin ----> Pansat 2700A fix x-87bl 071204 b75 226

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    Re: is it just pansat

    Try reverting back to the Dec 07, 2007 fixes that came out. From what I have read alot of these are working. If that doesn't work....???

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    Re: is it just pansat

    ill try rite now....thnx ......[[keeping my fingers crossed..lol]]

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