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Thread: medal of honor alied assult

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    medal of honor alied assult cheats

    Result Cheat Code
    God mode dog
    Full health fullheal or fullheald
    All weapons and ammunition wuss
    No clipping mode noclip
    Remove target notarget
    Third person view toggle cg_3rd_person
    List inventory listinventory
    Teleport to indicated location tele [x y z coordinates]
    Level select map [map name]
    Level completed fadeout
    Restart level restart
    List maps maplist
    Display current coordinates coord
    Set health health
    Suicide kill
    List models for Allies playermodel
    Set walking speed set sv_walkspeed [number]
    Set gravity set sv_gravity [number]
    Spawn indicated weapon giveweapon weapons/"[weapon_name]".tik
    Unlock mission 2 seta g_m2l1 "1"
    Unlock mission 3 seta g_m3l1 "1"
    Unlock mission 4 seta g_m4l1 "1"
    Unlock mission 5 seta g_m5l1 "1"
    Unlock mission 6 seta g_m6l1 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_eogmedal2 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_eogmedal1 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_eogmedal0 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_medal5 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_medal4 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_medal3 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_medal2 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_medal1 "1"
    Unlock medal seta g_medal0 "1"
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