Start the game, and you'll be able to bring up the console with ~ key. Type the following cheat codes /commands in the console during the game

allguns - All guns

extras fnkqrrm - Enable extras cheat

admin_message (message) - Send admin message to all clients (host only)

message (message) - Sends chat message to all clients (host only)

display fps - Toggle frame rate

game_info - View game in progress info in console window

gameover - End current game (host only)

kick - Kick and ban a user from the game (WOL server only)

renegade - godmode

net_update_rate - Set max net update think rate (times per second)

player_info - View player info in console window

quit - End game and quit to Desktop (dedicated server only)

quit_slave slavename - Shutdown slave server
(dedicated master server only)

restart - Quit to desktop and restart process (dedicated server only)

screen_uv_bias - Toggle half pixel bias in screen text

set_bw_budget_out - Set total bandwidth budget out