Hello everyone who wants a counter strike source server for free youve come to the right place do this right and youle have your very own

strike Server hldsupdate tool is broken so dont go view those tutorials the commands dont work anymore but the way its done in this tutorial does work

first go here https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/SteamCMD click on windows .zip file and it will start downloading

Now go to your computer click on your harddrive now make a new folder called steamcmd open the zip file that downloaded extract it to the folder you

Just made now load the steamcmd.exe that you extracted to the folder that you if it fails on you open internet explorer

Click that wheel like thing go to internet settings now go to connections go to lan settings Check Automaticly detect settings if its already checked uncheck it and try steam cmd if it still doesent work check it and it will work for sure wait for it to finish it should say steam in it

type in login anonymas

now it will say connecting anonymously to steam public wait for it to finish
and it should say success
now dont close it go to your harddrive again make a new folder call it css now

go back to steam cmd and put in force_install_dir C:/css/

now do app_update 232300
now it will be downloading your new server it may take a while depending on your internet speed myn only took a hour

now if its done just do quit in steamcmd
now go to your server directory and right click srcds.exe hit create shortcut
now if you did it right

put this as target
C:\CSS\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -maxplayers 10 +map de_dust2

max players can be anything but -game has to be cstrike or it will not work i have my max players set to 20 but you should leave it at 10 if you have a bandwidth limit

now hit apply now start the shortcut and now you gotta portforward 27015 on your router which you can find easily if you cant just reply to this and ask how and get me the name of your router

also you can barely find this info anywhere else yet so make your server now and get it popular while almost no one knows about this cause eventually everyone will know and it may not work anymore when everyone knows i hope you enjoy haveing a counter strike server