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Thread: gta san andreas crashing on new game fix

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    Thumbs up gta san andreas crashing on new game fix

    if your gta san andreas crashes when you load or start a new game then go to your grand theft auto san andreas folder and delete any
    .asi file
    if you have a file named cleo.asi deleted it immediately

    now start your grand theft auto san andreas and load a saved game or start a new one enjoy

    if it does not work reply to this thread for further help and i will get back to you asap
    Last edited by adrienshepard; November 11th, 2013 at 08:03 AM.

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    Re: gta san andreas crashing on new game fix

    Thanks dude I will follow your instructions when I will get the same problem while starting or loading the new game or if I found some different problems then I will definitely ask you for the same.Thank you!

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    Probationary PBP Member PBP New Member Rank 0 pavan's Avatar
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    Re: gta san andreas crashing on new game fix

    hey , I've got this a lot of times.
    the load saved game bar goes to 90% then crashes.
    Because i've been changing things in weapon.dat & handling.cfg.
    I put back the original file ,it works perfect again.
    thats because ,its in these files somewhere that these files get loaded during 'new game' or 'load save'.

    In most websites they say its bcoz of mods .thats the same thing -modifies parameters in some files .
    u just gotta figure out which one was changed.iguess
    well ,it might b the reason for the crashes.but definitely works this way for me.

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