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Thread: Star wars jedi knight 4 preview

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    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview

    as we all know the ending of jedi knight academy was unfinished

    there are 2 endings

    ending 1: dark side

    skip to 5:00 to see the dark ending

    in the dark side ending you see luke and katarn go after jayden

    light side ending:
    in the light side ending you hear the word "one last mission"
    which you never got to do

    skip to 5:06

    here is a screenshot of what looks like kyle katarn in jedi knight 4
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-jedi-knight-4-kyle-katarn-jpg
    old kyle katarn
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-jedi-knight-academy-kyle-katarn-jpg
    here is what looks like a weapons menu for the new game
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-jedi-knight-4-weapons-menu-jpg
    here is what the old menu looked like
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-jedi-knight-academy-weapons-menu-jpg
    this is a place that was in star wars the force unleashed but i cant remember the name of it
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-jedi-knight-4-unidentified-place-jpg
    here is what looks like jayden a customized version
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-jedi-knight-4-jayden-jpg
    here is a jedi knight 4 space ship on a landing pad that was on jedi knight academy
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-jedi-knight-4-space-ship-png
    here is a audio clip that is possibly of jayden
    kill me isent that what you do to dark jedi.mp3
    or it may be from this part of jedi knight dark forces 2
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-kill-me-isent-what-you-do-dark-jedi-jpg
    jedi knight 4 dark abyss.mp3

    here is a audio clip of the map description for the game in jedi knight academy luke would describe the maps

    in this one it will be what sounds like jann also known as kyle katarns wife
    Star wars jedi knight 4 preview-jedi-knight-outcast-jann-jpg
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    Probationary PBP Member PBP New Member Rank 0 Pettero's Avatar
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    Sep 2017
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    Re: Star wars jedi knight 4 preview

    Good stuff Adrien. I really like the dark ending. That spaceship looks cool as well.

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