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Thread: Platinum/Lite Release DBPSW-070125P

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    Platinum/Lite Release DBPSW-070125P

    Platinum/Lite Release DBPSW-070125P
    The new bins just keep coming! The locals market has been expanded and now even includes Puerto Rico. This took alot of time and other features were put off till next week. These constant upgrades are a work in progress from the company that MEANS support. New features are being added to improve your viewing experience, while the bins remain stable. Thank you Viewsat for your continued support!

    * Change
    (Main software upgrade)
    - Local Channel - Some missing channel added & Puerto Rico added
    - Display Information of the Song in Live Radio Channel (Moves Location on Every Song)

    Thanks to all the Supporters and the Viewsat Coding Team
    Attached Files Attached Files

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