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Thread: Porterhouse Steaks

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    Porterhouse Steaks

    1 lb Porterhouse steak (each serving)
    Black Peppercorn steak marinade

    Charcoal grill

    Prepare marinade as directed with oil, water, etc.

    Marinade steaks in Refrigerator for as long as possible

    Start charcoal grill, preferably a Weber smokey joe. Wait until coals are completely gray.

    Remove steaks from marinade, Grill 4-6 minutes per side to taste. I prefer medium rare for these and I point the Fillet portion of the steak to the outside colder part of grill so it cooks slower.

    Best steaks I have ever had using this method.

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    Re: Porterhouse Steaks

    Really nice recepie to try out for all who love to eat such food, as the Porterhouse is type of a blend meal arriving from the factor where the tenderloin and top loin fulfill. Generally an over-sized T-Bone meal the porterhouse is wider cut and has much more of the tenderloin comparative to the loin section.

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