To prepare the chicken, place 1/2 oz of melted butter on each side of a
skinless, boneless chicken breast. Cover each side with cajun seasoning (You
can buy it at any supermarket).

Place into a VERY, VERY HOT cast iron skillet, and cook approx. 4 minutes.

Turn chicken, add a 1/2 ladle of butter to cooked side and cook another 4
minutes or until done. Cut into strips with a chefs knife.

The pasta is a simple linguini. Prepare according to package directions.

The sauce is a basic alfredo with cajun seasoning.

Heat some heavy cream in a skillet over med heat, add some parmesan cheese
(Shredded not like in the can). When it's melted add some cajun seasoning
and more cream if needed to get to desired consistency. Place chicken over
cooked pasta, add sauce. Cover with diced tomatoes, green onions and 2
pieces of garlic bread.