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Thread: Simple PPV Tiers v2.4

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    Simple PPV Tiers v2.4

    Simple PPV Tiers v2.4



    This program is for educational purposes only. It is intended to demonstrate one theory for how tiers can be created. Please do not use this program for illegal purposes.

    Credit goes to all those who have gone before me and to the creators of NagraEdit 5.2 for their patch functionality.

    What Simple PPV Tiers does

    • Creates a NagraEdit patch for PPV tiers.
    • Creates up to nine PPV tiers for the patch. Up to eight tiers to cover the porn/movie PPV Ids and one tier to cover the event Ids.
    • The tiers for porn and movies are based on the lowest current PPV Id that is found. (Lately this has been on or near channel 487). If you are not interested in receiving porn then enter the PPV Id found on channel 502.
    • The tier for events will be constant with a Low Id of 90000 and a High Id of 99999 speaking in decimal terms.
    • The range between low and high ids for the porn/movie tiers can be set between 9999 and 393215 decimal. 393215 decimal is the range between A0000 and FFFFF.
    • Allows the user to enter the PPV Id exactly as it is displayed on the Info screen. No Hex to Decimal conversion needed. Example: If the lowest Id is A0424, which of course is hexadecimal, then just enter A0424 and select Hex for the ID Type. If the PPV Ids ever change back to decimal then just enter the decimal value displayed but choose Decimal for the ID Type instead. Only five characters can be entered.
    • The user sets the Rights date and Expire date by choosing how many days out from the current date that the tiers will last.
    • Allows the user to copy the patch or save it as a (.ep102) ROM 102 patch file or as a (.txt) text file.
    • Selectable option to remove any old PPV tiers from the bin. The user chooses how many old PPV tiers will be removed.
    • Selectable option to update all other dates on the bin, such as Card Expiry date, Spending Limit date, and all regular tier dates to match dates of the PPV tiers.
    • The highest PPV Id that the program will create is FFFFF. Once FFFFF is reached, the tiers will start over at A0000.
    • One thing to remember is that there will always be one extra PPV tier created than what is chosen for the number of movie PPV tiers. The extra tier is for the PPV events. Example: If you choose to create seven PPV movie tiers then the program will create eight total tiers, seven PPV movie tiers and one PPV events tier.
    • Although you can input the maximum number of tiers, it is the range that will ultimately determine how many tiers are created. Example: If you have maximum number of tiers set to 9 but the range set to 393215 then only two tiers will be created because 393215 will over all the possible PPV IDs A0000 to FFFFF in a single tier. The second tier will be for events.

    Version History

    Version 2.4
    • Increased highest PPV ID to FFFFF
    • Added ability to input PPV ID range
    • Added N2 Date and Hexadecimal/Decimal converter to tools in menu

    Version 2.3
    • Rewrote N2 date code function
    • Added ability to create up to eight PPV movie tiers
    • Added ability to enter the number of days before tiers will expire
    • Displays total number of tiers created and space required on bin
    • Displays in hex and decimal values the PPV Ids covered between all the movie tiers

    Version 2.2
    • Fixed date subtraction error

    Version 2.1
    • Added removal of old PPV tiers as an option
    • Added ability to choose the number of old PPV tiers that will be removed if option is selected
    • Added option to update Card Expiry date, Spending Limit date, and all regular tier dates
    • Fixed fatal error when an invalid Hex PPV Id was entered (check added)
    • Fixed position of program on screen (now centered)
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