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Thread: Hi from NC...

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    Probationary PBP Member PBP New Member Rank 2 JAFO's Avatar
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    Feb 2012
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    Limesat HD Air with the LS400 Module
    110W, 118.7W, 119W, and 129W
    Dual Band LNBF 118.7W, 119W, DP Single LNBF 110W and another DP Single LNBF 129W

    Hi from NC...

    [COLOR=#800080]Just wanted to say thanks to the DSSP moderators ans senior members and a thanks up front to any and all members that are going to help me get aquainted with my new system and into my own veiwing pleasure. Currently waiting on my new Limesat HD air w/LS400 to arrive.

    Satellites: 61.5 W, 110 W, 119W and 129W (Among others)
    Dish: TURBO 1000 HD
    LNB Setup: Dual Band LNBF for 118.7, 119 and Single LNBF for 110 & 129

    This is my startup and I will be reading the forums and asking questions to increase and tweek the Limies capabilities!

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    Re: Hi from NC...

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    Re: Hi from NC...

    welcome bud

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