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Thread: Can I connect headphones?/No Audio Jack/ProScan 26LB30QD TV/DVD Combo

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    Can I connect headphones?/No Audio Jack/ProScan 26LB30QD TV/DVD Combo

    This set does not have an Audio out/Audio Jack. I was told that there is an Adapter I could purchase that would allow me to use headphones. I purchased an Adapter, but I don't know exactly what I'm doing & it's not working...

    This is the advise/what I purchased: "I don't know how well it works, but if you already have some headphones then you can just plug them into the 3.5mm head jack and plug the two RCA connectors(Red and White) into the composite video jacks."

    The adapter I tried is a HOSA CFR-210 Stereo Female Mini to 2 RCA Male Plugs - 10 Feet.

    You are supposed to be able to connect the headphones to the Jack...

    New TVS & TV/DVD Combos (like mine) do not seem to have a Audio Out Jack... Any solutions?

    Thanks! :-)

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    Re: Can I connect headphones?/No Audio Jack/ProScan 26LB30QD TV/DVD Combo

    I found a way to hook up headphones to TV's that don't have a headphone jack and/or audio outputs. I bought a cheap ($60) mini flatscreen tv ( Digital Prism 7" ATSC-710). It has a standard coax input AND a headphone jack. Just make a simple adapter. Get a 2 way splitter and put a 1' coax on one leg and a 3' coax on the other. Disconnect the existing coax from the big TV and hook that cable up to the splitter. Put the 1' coax back onto the big TV and the 3' coax onto the new little tv. Put both TVs on and plug in your earphones to the little tv's headphone jack. If you put both TVs onto the same channel you can hear with your headphones perfectly and control the volume using your little tv. You can mute the big tv and not disturb others in the room. Also good for blocking noise to and from other rooms. Using noise cancelling headphones works especially well. When traveling, it is hard to find TVs with headphone jacks and this solution really solves the problem.

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