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Thread: alchemist Question pmed to me 360Elite

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    alchemist Question pmed to me 360Elite

    This may help you......ricklbert

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    i hub help
    i have a sonciview 360 elite, with i hub connected..i have a question about the setup...im running my IHUB in the DCHP mode..what should my local port be set too..1920 or 80.i noticed in the forums some people set it to 80 some to 1920..for DCHP which should i be using..i hope you can help me out..thanks

    my settings

    Setting typeCHP
    Local port:1920
    Use Dns:yes
    Domain Name:SVFTAIKS.Com
    Server Port:1920
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    Re: alchemist Question pmed to me 360Elite

    im sorry i have a SV 360 Primier ....im having trouble loading the new files..which files should i have loaded...what should my ip config setting be set at..hope you can help me.

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    Re: alchemist Question pmed to me 360Elite

    everything you need is on the following links just take your time and read and Please next time don't leave so many threads asking for help one thread will do some one will get to you sooner or later.........I had to delete all the other 6



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    Re: alchemist Question pmed to me 360Elite

    "alchemist" now you in the right place,, you have some of the best minds to help you, Guys I see this member is at his ends as I said to this member I never tested on this system, I will try to do my best to help him,,

    lit bil

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