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Thread: Captain does IKS

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    Captain does IKS

    Captain does IKS


    Welcome to R-Linkpower

    Things are going well with our new system and sales will start next week we can tell you some details:

    Support is for the Following receivers:



    No other receivers are supported at this time.


    Our "Start up Channel List" will be available before sales starts. This List will have both Bev and Chuck channels. The list will grow till we get all we can from both. We will have a thread asking members what channels they will like and we will do our best to fill in demand order. So what you want is important to us.


    Ordering your R-link will be Online Only. Details on where to buy will be made in announcement section. When shippers are all set to ship.
    The price for the R-link is $89.95 USD which includes shipping In North America. We highly recommend that you purchase from our Authorized Store. All un-authorized harware trespasing on our server will be disabled.


    The R-Link has been in test mode for over two months now. Over this test period we have made one great improvement to the R-Link hardware and lots of changes to the Servers to provide you with a Low Cost Quality product that will be considered Second to none.

    Here are pics of new device:

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    Re: Captain does IKS

    Are Neu9000/Captain 8000 can be connected it to internet with this device so we use our p$? If so where can we get it?? Thks

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