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Thread: fix my receiver

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    fix my receiver

    i can't exit from the menu what can i do

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    Re: fix my receiver

    welcome rosesaader to PBP

    #1 you need to supply us with some details on what going on,, then just stuck for example; was your box working befor you mess it up,, What did you do to get stuck, did you add files,, and NOW THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT, ( FORUMS ) What did you do to help yourself..

    Please don't take me as a smart as*,, but 1st. did you check the Forums to see if there anything there that is related to your problem,, the reason i'm asking is because you are new to this site,, if you did not look into the forums then get you mind straight!!
    This is where you start and if all fails then ( POST A THREAD ) and let's get our heads together..

    being you are new to the site,, here a spoon fed supply link below This may start you off with help,,
    But keep in mind you need to gave us MORE INFO then just stuck

    Satopia Manager V1.0

    lit bill
    Last edited by Buttman302; February 10th, 2010 at 08:36 AM.

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