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Thread: Series of hardware failures

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    Series of hardware failures

    I bought a laptop for my personal use an year back.. Although, it was from a leading computers' manufacturing firm, I've gone through series of hardware failures within the one year. That's not the end, I was covered with warranty so I managed to replace the items which were malfunctioning or completely gone dead. Now I am out of warranty and am not wiling to spend any money for repairing or replacing it unless I get a minimum of 3-5 years warranty cover for hardware components from the manufacturer or any third-party trustful source at convenient charge. What do you think should I look out for some source or simply dump the one which is causing trouble??

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    Re: Series of hardware failures

    maybe you should think about buying a new one the one you had was bad from beginning why would you spend more money on it....next time make sure you buy the extended warranty besides the free 1 yr manufacturers one.....

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    Re: Series of hardware failures

    I don't think Quality Control of manufactured products standards, are quite what it use to be, any more. As examples, on RCA's Television line, they'd take (per say) 1 set out of 100, from the production line, and, put that TV through literal hell, trying to produce faults, and finding workarounds, to make their product superior. While Sony on the other hand, would allow units with marginal components out, all the way to the consumer level, before acknowledging there could be issues with the units. They preferred, to pass the cost of the defect, on to the customer. And, since todays component subsystems, are mostly contracted for production from China. Well, cheep labor, and, no desire to excel, do not allow for superior products.

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