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Thread: filehippo.com - Update Checker - get all you programs up to date

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    filehippo.com - Update Checker - get all you programs up to date

    Here's a great little program help get your computer up to date, it doesn't check for driver updates but it checks all programs installed on your computer and provides you with updates to download. I highly recommend using this program. You can download here:


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    Re: filehippo.com - Update Checker - get all you programs up to date

    You should keep your computers programs up to date, as there's new vulnerabilities in these programs discovered every day, and certain websites will take advantage of these vulnerabilities to get a worm or Trojan onto your computer and either steal your information or corrupted files.

    This is a great little program from filehippo.com, and I recommend it to anybody who reads this. It's free is has no adware and I am not being paid to say this.

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