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Thread: Liddell gets his A$$ handed to him

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    Liddell gets his A$$ handed to him

    Did anyone see the UFC fight on Saturday between Chuck Liddell and Rampage Jackson. After a fight like that Liddell should walk away from the octagon, losing his belt by being t.k.o. in the first round. Rampage had an amazing right hand to liddell's jaw that sent him down then it was all but over when he jump on him and finished him off.

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    Re: Liddell gets his A$$ handed to him

    Granted, Liddell got hit butt kicked. There is no question there.

    Liddell was the longest defending champion in UFC. Let's see if Rampage can beat that, that will be the true test of his abilities.

    Not taking anything away from Rampage, but he is alot younger than Liddell.
    Rampage is a good fighter and it was good to see a Pride fighter come to the UFC and kick ass after the buy out.

    Anywho, don't count Chuck out as yet. If Randy can make a comeback then Liddell sure as hell can.



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