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Thread: SV360Premier_svlan_20

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    Message from coders:

    Akai Japan Group's Sonicview Receiver bin file improvements!

    It is our pleasure to continue to improve the Sonicview products for all users! We are so pleased the SV Lan users have expressed how happy they are with our Akai Japan Premium Public Server and these new bin files will give you another look at what we are capable of. Stay tuned because we will continue to please you with many more upgrades and channels!

    Special thanks to all of the users who have already upgraded to the SV Lan - Akai Japan Premium Public Server! We hear all the great things you have been saying about us since 2010 and are very grateful for the opportunity to provide you with the BEST support on the market.

    Features, Fixes & Upgrades!

    Featured Improvements:

    1. Network Download - This allows you to download the newest bin file directly from your receiver while connected to the Internet. This makes it very easy for users, installers and support. You can also roll back to an older file but only ones made by Akai Japan.

    2. Faster connection & bin automatically updates the SV Lan even if you have an ihub/newlink. No need for wiznet anymore!

    3. Fixed 97w & other update errors that were somehow not removed with the last bins.

    Akai Japan Server changes:

    1. "Server Status" included in "Network Settings" this will allow you to see if you are connected to the server without having to check a channel. Connect, Connected, Login Failed, and DNS failed auto detection!

    2. Many more behind the improvements.

    Akai Japan - Private Server Improvements:

    1. Multiple Private Servers Added as highly requested by many users. 7 Private servers added. Please help Akai Japan support you by upgrading to a SV Lan with serial number. You can enjoy the best of both worlds. Akai Japan Premium Public Server Freeze Free along with your private server! Flip back and forth from the click of a button.

    2. Private "Server Status" included in "Network Settings" this will allow you to see if you are connected to the server without having to check a channel. Connect, Connected, Login Failed, DNS failed auto detection!

    3. Des Key entry improved. You can now use numbers on remote & pop up box to enter des keys.

    Menu Changes:
    1. Ip config changed to Network Settings
    2. (Premier) PVR changed to USB & Net Download - This leads to Network Download & USB.

    Akai Japan hopes that you enjoy our improvements as much as we have enjoyed providing them for you. Please support Akai Japan by purchasing a Sv Lan Upgrade or Sv Lan.

    Thank you all for your support!
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