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Thread: Question about Projection television lamps?

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    Question about Projection television lamps?

    How long will the lamps die out? And can I pick up a replacement lamp at my local best buy store or circuit city, or do I have to go to their official website and buy it from them?

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    Re: Question about Projection television lamps?

    The life of the bulb varies but generally you should expect around 6000 to 8000 hours. However some will last a lot less with several DLP manufacturers losing bulbs at 2000 to 3000 hours. Realistically you can expect to be buying a bulb every 2 years and possible sooner if you watch a lot of TV. Add the cost of the bulbs and a DLP TV and it can actually cost twice as much as a plasma over 5 or 6 years of normal use. In the expected life of a DLP it can cost 3 to 4 times as much as a plasma.

    These below examples are based on 10 hours a day use:

    DLP costs become even more expensive if your viewing it more then 10 hours a day!

    Cost of 42 inch NEC plasma $2500. Additional costs over 10 years $0. If you have the Plasma for 10 years, yours costs per year $250. If you have the Plasma for 15 years its $ 166.

    42 inch DLP TV cost about $2000. Cost of bulbs based on 6000 hours life. $300 per bulb (this assumes the bulbs makes full life) $1825 Your yearly cost of DLP TV based on 10 years $382.50 Average cost over 15 years $315.

    You can't buy bulbs at bestbuy.
    The best way is to contacting the manufacturer of the TV to see what lamp they recommend for your particular TV, and to see who is an authorized dealer in your area (if any). There are a lot of good online stores that can send you a lamp usually at cheaper prices. But be careful!!
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    Re: Question about Projection television lamps?

    For many years I have had a Sharp projector which was not as powerful as
    the Optoma I have had for almost two years.
    Life of lamps vary according to size, lumens, contrast, and other factors.
    On my Sharp they didn't last long: around 2,000 hours but I noticed the lamps burned out before reaching their expected life.
    I have had two lamps in my Optoma, which were supposed to last 3,000
    hours. The first lamp lasted only 2100 hours. The one I have now I use it
    at the ECO position (which saves the life of the lamp) You are supposed
    to set up exactly for high places and other conditions to extend the life
    of the bulb.
    Try to have it in a cool place, with space for ventilation. (Some people
    do not recommend extra fans, because they say the fast cooling could
    damage the lamp) Avoid dusty places, excessive vibration of equipment,
    never disconnect the cable - put it off pressing the button and let the internal fan continue working adequately until it stops by itself when cold.
    Do not insist in restarting it while the lamp is in yellow or red.
    I have read there are newer lamps which take up to 4,000 hours.
    Anyway, I made some arithmetics according to the price of the lamp
    (around $204 in internet for the Optoma) which shows that I spend
    26 cents an hour when I use the projector.
    Maybe that is the reason why when I get sleep and wake up eight hours
    later and find the projector still on, I get so mad for wasting TWO dollars.
    However is a theatre experience having an image up to 10 feet diagonally.
    I hope I have been helpful.

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    Re: Question about Projection television lamps?

    Hi, thank you very much for the nice suggestion. I got lots of help via your posts.

    Thanks a lot once again!

    there is no advertisement here also you made a signature rule violations

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    Re: Question about Projection television lamps?

    Jennifer flagg there is no advertisement links permitted as your signature on this site!!!!!!!!!.........

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