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Thread: To All Viewsat Ultra Owners Of Clones And Original Plz Read

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    To All Viewsat Ultra Owners Of Clones And Original Plz Read

    Viewsat ultra users read this very important to know if you have problem with your Autoroll is not coming up and is showing no audio or video and not showing Autoroll processing that you receiver going to die but their is away around it ( do not power O/I off ) if you do your receiver will die and you will have no display on you receiver .
    if you have installed file on or after September 11 -2007
    do these instruction carefully and you will save your receiver from getting kill tell we will find anther solution for all the receivers
    I recommend if you have this file on you're Ultra (Stop) watching TV if the unit is still working, next go to (Menu), and do a (Factory Default), this will delete everything but
    make sure use by USB only
    1, do factory default 3 times
    2, load factory file 3, times VS ULTRA_v117_factory_bin.pgm
    3, load old file ,DBPSW-061127U_A.PGM
    4,load August 17.2007 file PFTAUSW-070817U.PGM
    5, setup your antenna set up and do satellite scan or download the channel list from the site
    6, inter you keys manually or get it the key grabber to make your self _opkey.hex from key grabber we going to post it soon so you can do the keys via USB by create it in that sof wear
    7, enjoy watching TV

    please download the temporary VS ultra package fix
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    Last edited by darklist; September 30th, 2007 at 02:29 AM.
    Please, DO NOT PM admins/mods for help. Ask your question in the proper forum so that others who have the same problem or question may benefit from the answer. Thank you.

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