A judge has set bond at $100,000 for a Chicago father who posted an image on Facebook depicting his 1-year-old daughter bound with duct tape on her mouth, wrists and ankles.
Andre Curry, 21, was watching his 22-month-old daughter on Dec. 13 as the girl played with duct tape, according to Assistant State's Attorney Erin Antonietti. After taking the tape from the child, Antonietti said Curry bound her and then used his cellphone to take a picture that he later posted on Facebook.
A caption accompanying the image, which has since been removed, read: "This is wut [sic] happens wen [sic] my baby hits me back. ; )"
Assistant Public Defender Anand Sundaram said he believes Curry was playing around and wasn't trying to hurt the girl.
Curry, who was charged with aggravated domestic battery, was ordered not to have contact with his daughter and was barred from using the Internet.
Jimmie Whitelow, a spokesman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, told FoxNews.com on Tuesday that his agency was also investigating the image. Whitelow said DCFS officials have had no prior contact with the family.
Curry's Facebook profile contained several messages from Saturday referencing the image.
"Nasty dirty child abuser," one posting read. "To do this to your daughter, your flesh and blood, is unbelievable." Another posting read: "This is what happens when children have children. I won't leave a negative comment because hate breeds more hate. This boy needs prayer, education, parenting classes, and therapy."