he man who found the body of Casey Anthony's missing baby is suing the Florida woman for defamation, claiming her defense team badmouthed him.

Roy Kronk, a meter reader in Orlando, Fla., found Caylee Anthony's decomposed remains in a wooded area not far from the child's home in December 2008, ending a six-month long search for the two-year-old.

In his lawsuit filed Wednesday, Kronk claims that Anthony and her defense team subjected him to lies and unfair accusations during her murder trial, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

Kronk's suit is at least the third filed against Anthony since she was acquitted of murder in July, but found guilty of lying to police officers.

Kronk's suit claims that her lawyers advanced the theory that he was involved in Caylee's death, portraying him as "morally bankrupt," according to The Sentinel.

He says the supposed character assassination hurt his reputation and humiliated him, TV station WESH reports.

Anthony is on probation for writing bad checks and has stayed out of public eye for months, but she's been targeted in civil court.

Zenaida Gonzalez sued Anthony for defamation, too, because Anthony told police in 2008 that she suspected her daughter was kidnapped by a nanny with the same name as the woman.

Detectives said Anthony made up the babysitter story, but Gonzalez said the accusations damaged her reputation.

Texas EquuSearch filed a lawsuit against Anthony, because they want to recover some of the expenses they incurred while organizing searches for Caylee. The company said it spent more than $100,000 on the manhunts.