Oak Grove Police in Kentucky went to 936 Linda Drive Sunday afternoon for a 6-year-old boy that was attacked by a dog. The boy died early Monday morning.
The small German Shepherd was put down Monday afternoon. An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday.
All parties involved are military families, and due to that fact, Fort Campbell is informed of the investigation.
The child was found in the front yard on Sunday where witnesses gave first aid until the Oak Grove Fire Department arrived and took over medical care until the ambulance could arrive. The attack happened in the backyard. There was another child at the scene, but that child was unharmed.
The investigation reveals that the animal was a family pet and not trained to attack. There were no prior calls to the residence for any animal complaints.
All medical records on the child are being subpoenaed from the hospital. Investigators are keeping the County Attorney's Office and the Commonwealth Attorney's Office apprised of all ongoing investigations. Also, the Department of Child-based Services is involved.