Former nurse Kimberly Saenz gasped when she learned a Texas jury had found her guilty of injecting bleach into dialysis lines, murdering at least two people.

Saenz was convicted in a Lufkin courtroom Friday evening of three of five counts of aggravated assault in the cases of five patients who survived having bleach run through their systems and one count of capital murder, meaning jurors believed she was directly responsible for the deaths of at least two patients who were among five others who didn't survive.

Four years ago, Saenz, 38, began injecting bleach into the dialysis lines at DaVita Dialysis, authorities said. Now, as a convicted killer, she faces the possibility of death by lethal injection.

Marie Bradley was among those who survived Saenz's bleach doses. "I've just been in limbo, hoping and praying they would get on with it," she told The Lufkin Daily News. "If I had been one of the ones they found her not guilty of, I don't know how I would do. This gives me relief and a sense of closure."

On Monday morning, Saenz will go through a punishment phase, where jurors will determine whether or not she will receive the death penalty.