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Thread: 3DMark06 error: IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed: Device lost (D3DERR_DEVICELOST)

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    3DMark06 error: IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed: Device lost (D3DERR_DEVICELOST)

    I just bought a brand-new video card for my computer, came in the mail yesterday. I got a MSI GeForce GTX 670 card at a decent price. Problem is I want to compare it with my old video card (GeForce 9800 GT), so wanted to run 3DMark 2006 to have a direct comparison of my performance gain. I know, I know it's old benchmark program.

    It would NOT run and it kept giving me this error:
    IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed: Device lost (D3DERR_DEVICELOST)
    I first change my resolution to the resolution of the benchmark 1200x1024

    This worked to run the first two benchmarks, (Return To Proxycon and Firefly Forest) but then I got the same error again:

    IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed: Device lost (D3DERR_DEVICELOST)
    So the solution that actually worked:

    I have multiple monitor setup and my desktop is expanded onto the extra monitor. Turning off my second monitor solve the problem and allowed me to run the benchmark 3Dmark06.

    I hope this helps somebody else, it sure pissed me off, and the answer wasn't an easy find on Google.

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    Re: 3DMark06 error: IDirect3DDevice9::Present failed: Device lost (D3DERR_DEVICELOST)

    Till now we’ve place the GeForce 9800 GT vs GeForce 670 GTX in a quick four page article slash review. Demographics show that a lot of end-users who purchased their PC a couple of years ago very likely still have...

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