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Thread: No Signal On Viewsat Extreme

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    No Signal On Viewsat Extreme

    I have downloaded the DBPSW 070717X but nothing happens. NO SIGNAL. I would like to know if someone can help me. I am new here and so maybe I am doing something wrong. I would really appreciate if someone answers me.

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    Re: No Signal On Viewsat Extreme

    If you have NO signal...it mean you Antenna and switch need to be setup.

    Here is a guide on how to setup up your Antenna on viewsat receivers.
    Viewsat Antenna Setup Guide

    Keys need to be changed for the as of July 31 2007 receivers right now, Look up is at the top of every page.
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    No success on fixing....!!!

    I still have no signal, I did the antenna setup but couldnt find out how to change the KEYS. Can someone help me?

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    Re: No Signal On Viewsat Extreme

    You must have the latest updated file to downloaded to your receiver, If the loader is not loading the file, than you have 1 of 2 problem, the cable could be bad or the com setting is wrong, but if have the correct file on your receiver then check you diseq switch try to go from the lnb to the receiver and try one of the free channel like channel 100 or 407 GoleTV on echo110 or channel 101 or 262 or all other free channel from the satellite you have. If all is fine check your keys you may have them off for some reason, I will post a more up to date channel list on the site for you and all members as soon i have them done. Check under channel list. Let us know!


    Last edited by Rumas; August 1st, 2007 at 07:41 PM.

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    to change keys on Extreme

    go menu
    go to option and hit ok
    turn the Autoroll OFF
    exit one time and go to installation and hit ok
    go down to code and hit ok
    go to nagra and hit ok
    change the provider to Dish by using the volume
    left or right tell you get Dish 01 01 00
    than go down and change you'r keys starting from the 08 line and ignore the 00 line
    08 line
    09 line
    88 line
    89 line
    note,, do not change the number above only the line after it its 16 digit and use numbers and remote butem to change keys its showing in down on your screen how put the numbers and letters
    after you finsh putting the new keys you hit Exit one time and hit ok to save and after that Exit all the way to watch TV

    key Example like this

    Key code
    08 B8 59 DF CF 32 DD 87 6C
    09 3B D1 37 03 07 60 30 6A
    88 5B 27 8C AF D0 1E A5 A6
    89 D7 74 3B A6 B4 21 17 97

    hope this will help

    Last edited by darklist; August 1st, 2007 at 08:08 PM.

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    Nothing at all!!!

    I am going crazy, the keys were right but now I hit the factory default button by mistake and I deleted everything. Sorry, but can someone help me again?? or either tell me where I can get the manual
    Last edited by Haven; August 1st, 2007 at 08:30 PM.

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    Re: No Signal On Viewsat Extreme

    Do you have a signal from your dish to the receiver? That is the first thing you must have, before we can give you any meaningful help. Also with View sat you sometimes have to change the tip setting to get a signal. We will help you, but give us all the information you can, so we don't send you on a wild goose chase. We will get you up and running.

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    Still no signal on viewsat


    Here it's me again. I will tell you everything I have done so far

    I've installed the Loader 2.1 and the DBPSW 0700108

    The auto roll is OFF with the new keys code (I put the new codes on Nagra)

    The installation - antenna setup is
    Satellite - Echo Star 7
    LBN Power - On
    LBN Type OCS-DP
    LNB Freq - 11250
    22KHz - Off
    TP Freq - 12224
    Search option - All
    DiSEqC 1.0 - Port 1
    Motor - Off
    Legacy SW - None

    With all this done I got the channels in duplicate and I'm not able to change channels by the remote control, I have to go thru all the channels to get to the one I want.
    Some channels I used to have don't appear but maybe I have to add the channels (I don't know how to add channels).
    Do you know if there is an assistance service so a person could come to my house and solve the problem in case I can't get it done?
    Someone wrote me to check if there is a signal from my dish to my receiver, but I don't know how to check it either.
    I need help, pleeeeease!!!!


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    Re: No Signal On Viewsat Extreme

    There is now a new file out for Veiwsat extreme. Here: https://preferredbypete.com/xtreme/1...01-2007-a.html

    Just a hint never hit factory default button. This is why you are having a hard time now! When it goes down it usually just keys need to be changed. Then a file will be released with a new autoroll...meaning the key will update automatically.

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    Windows 7

    Re: No Signal On Viewsat Extreme

    So you hit Factory Default on your ViewSat by mistake here is what to do:

    (Box will STILL hold the last *.PGM file you uploaded and your satinfo.sat data.
    Unless you believe the satinfo.sat file is corrupted, there is no need to transfer this file back to your receiver.)

    Your scanned channel area and the system settings (Password, time, antenna settings, etc) will be reset to defaults and will need to be changed to your desired settings.

    Make sure you load the latest been bin file.

    To get your channels back, delete all your channels and rescan for new ones.
    Your can delete all you channels in the "Channel Edit" menu.

    Then do a "Blind scan" under installation. Scan all of your satellites.

    As for you remote I have no idea? Does somebody have an answer to this?

    Hope you are running soon!

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