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Thread: Help with loader please

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    Help with loader please

    I have Viewsat 2000 Ultra. I have the loader and the proper bin....but when I go to load the file, it doesn't work. It connects, but when I try to upload it, it stays at 0% and keeps saying "sending ZRQINIT"....and "resending ZRQINIT". When I press cancel, it says "Error Download".

    What's the problem?


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    Re: Help with loader please

    use loader 2 .. not 2.x
    it's OK after ..

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    Re: Help with loader please

    no don't use loader 2 , with Viewsat Ultra you must use loader .v11 and after download it and installed and it will be found in the stat menu all programs , and open it and after chose the extract it new bin file after click PC ->STB than turn your receiver off and on and will download leave it until is done ,, go here to get the Viewsat Ultra loader

    it will work

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